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The God Who Is Here: A Contemplative Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with God and the Church by Peter Traben Haas

Preface xiii Note to Reader xvii Introduction: A Contemplative Bridge 1 Part 1 Contemplative Christian Spirituality 1 Here with God 13 2 Here by the Spirit 18 3 Here in You 43 4 Here through Us 66 Part 2 Contemplative Christian Experiences 5 Contemplative Awakenings 103 6 A Monastery Without Walls 119 7 Leaving Christianity for Christianity 145 Conclusion: In All Things God 155 Appendices A The Relationality of God: A Reflection on the Nicene Creed 169 B A Brief History of Christian Mysticism 177 C Contemplative Practices and the Apostolic Church 187 D Answering Important Questions 209 Contemplative Christian Resources 215 Notes 217 About the Author 251

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