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Meditations of Walt Whitman: Earth, My Likeness by Chris Highland, Chris Highland (Editor)

Introduction A Note on Poetic Selection Whitman Selection, with Source and Companion 1 Traveling Souls from "Song Of The Open Road" 2 Earth, My Likeness "Earth, My Likeness" (Calamus) 3 World Garden "To The Garden The World" (Children Of Adam) 4 Fools from "We Two, How Long We Were Fool'd" (Children Of Adam) 5 Roots & Leaves "Roots And Leaves Themselves Alone" (Calamus) 6 Formed From This Soil from "Song Of Myself" 7 What Is The Grass? from "Song Of Myself" 8 Caressing Life from "Song Of Myself" 9 Earth Lover from "Song Of Myself" 10 Perspective from "Song Of Myself" 11 Anima-Animal from "Song Of Myself" 12 What Do You See Walt Whitman? from "Salut Au Monde!" 13 Inhaling from "Song Of The Open Road" 14 The Float of Things from "Song Of The Open Road" 15 Flow On, River, Flow from "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" 16 Myriads Unnoticed from "Our Old Feuillage" 17 O The Joy from "A Song Of Joys" 18 Common Destiny from "Song Of The Exposition" 19 Chant Of The Seasons And Time from "Song Of The Redwood-Tree" 20 Apple-Shaped Earth from "A Song For Occupations" 21 Workshop Of Souls from "A Song Of The Rolling Earth" 22 I Swear from "A Song Of The Rolling Earth" 23 The Seed Is Waiting from "Song Of The Universal" (Birds Of Passage) 24 Walking The Walk Of Dreams from "To You" (Birds Of Passage) 25 Island Shore from "As I Ebb'd With The Ocean Of Life" (Sea-Drift) 26 Trans-Parent from "On The Beach At Night" and "On The Beach At Night Alone" (Sea-Drift) 27 Be Thou My God "Gods" (By The Roadside) 28 Eagles "The Dalliance Of The Eagles" (By The Roadside) 29 Hungering Gymnastic from "Rise O Days From Your Fathomless Deeps" (Drum-Taps) 30 Star Camp "Bivouac On A Mountain Side" (Drum-Taps) 31 At The Foot Of A Tree "As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woods" (Drum-Taps) 32 Primal Sanity from "Give Me The Splendid Silent Sun" (Drum-Taps) 33 Every Leaf A Miracle from "When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloom'd" (Memories Of President Lincoln) 34 O Wondrous Singer! from "When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloom'd" (Memories Of President Lincoln) 35 Mystic Ocean Currents from "As Consequent, Etc." (Autumn Rivulets) 36 Calm Annual Drama from "The Return Of The Heroes" (Autumn Rivulets) 37 Mother Of All from "The Return Of The Heroes" (Autumn Rivulets) 38 What Chemistry! from "This Compost" (Autumn Rivulets) 39 Thou Soul Unloosen'd from "Warble For Lilac-Time" (Autumn Rivulets) 40 Thy Name An Earth from "Outlines For A Tomb" (Autumn Rivulets) 41 Wonderfulness "Miracles" (Autumn Rivulets) 42 Constructing The House "Kosmos" (Autumn Rivulets) 43 Storm Music from "Proud Music Of The Storm" 44 The True Child Of God from "Passage To India" 45 Hoist The Anchor from "Passage To India" 46 Interweb "A Noiseless Patient Spider" (Whispers Of Heavenly Death) 47 Upon Heaven's Lake from "The Mystic Trumpeter" (From Noon To Starry Night) 48 Wild Spirit "Spirit That Form'd This Scene" (From Noon To Starry Night) 49 Wonderful To Be Here! from "Song At Sunset" (Songs Of Parting) 50 My Windows My Eyes from "Song At Sunset" (Songs Of Parting) 51 Tents Of Green from "Camps Of Green" (Songs Of Parting) 52 Of Joy, Sweet Joy "As They Draw To A Close" (Songs Of Parting) 53 Let Go The Ropes "Now Finale To The Shore" (Songs Of Parting) 54 Nothing Can Be Lost "Continuities" (Sands At Seventy) 55 Rain "The Voice Of The Rain" (Sands At Seventy) 56 Simple Shows "Soon Shall The Winter's Foil Be Here" (Sands At Seventy) 57 Sunset "A Prairie Sunset" (Sands At Seventy) 58 Touch Of Flame "Old Age's Lambent Peaks" (Sands At Seventy) 59 I Feel The Sky "To The Sun-set Breeze" (Good-Bye My Fancy) 60 Strangely Hidden "A Persian Lesson" (Good-Bye My Fancy) Afterword: You Shall Be A Great Poem from "Preface" (Leaves Of Grass, 1855 edition) Sources Photo Credits

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