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Entrances: Gregorian Chant in Daily Life by Rembert Herbert

Acknowledgments xi Introduction xiii Abbreviations xvii Chapter 1 Gregorian Chant in Context Monastic Culture and the "Fathers of the Church" 1 The Message of the Fathers and the Experience of Singers 7 A Traditional Understanding of Human Nature 15 The Nature of a Sacred Text 21 The Way of Wisdom 27 Chapter 2 Chanting the Psalms "Where Experience Leads"--the Aim of Psalmody 30 Musical Fundamentals 34 Gregorian Psalmody and Monastic Teaching 39 Free Recitation 42 Using Silence 44 Four Exercises 48 An Introduction to Pointing 51 Mediation Formulae, Class 1 53 Mediation Formulae, Class 2 55 Mediation Formulae, Class 3 57 Chapter 3 Exploring the Gregorian Repertory Origins 63 An Overview of the Repertory 68 The Uses and Users of Books 70 Singing Compline 73 Melismatic Chant 77 The Problem of Notation 80 Latin or English? 82 Neumatic Chant 85 Chapter 4 The Subtleties of the Symbolic Mind The Language of Symbols 94 Symbolism and Allegory 96 Multiple Meanings 98 Inner Forces 100 Freedom of Interpretation and Levels of Context 106 Guiding and Active Symbols 108 Fundamental Guiding Symbols 112 Symbolism and Translations of the Bible 117 Chapter 5 Chant Texts and the Study of Scripture The Study of Scripture 123 The Construction of Single Chant Texts 129 The Gathering of Texts Within a Single Liturgy 133 Taking the Larger View 145 Chapter 6 Gregorian Chant in the Parish The Director and the Cantor 154 Organizing a Choir 159 What Is Worship? 162 Contemplative Life in the Modern World 167 Bibliography 174 Appendix 1 Monastic Writers on the Inner Life 178 Appendix 2 The Eight Psalm Tones Annotated 183 Appendix 3 What is a "Mode"? 194 Appendix 4 Chant Notation Guide 196 Appendix 5 A Guide to the Pronunciation of "Church" Latin 200 Appendix 6 The "Marialis" Ordinary with Simple Gloria 202 Appendix 7 "O clavis David" (O Key of David) and Magnificat 210 Appendix 8 First Vespers for the Third Sunday of Advent 213 Appendix 9 Tenebrae for Wednesday Evening of Holy Week 234 Appendix 10 Compline 301 Appendix 11 A Eucharist in Honor of the Holy Spirit 324 Appendix 12 Where to Find Music and Texts 353

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