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Beside the Still Waters: Creative Meditations from the Woods by Janice E. Kolb

A Word in Preparation Acknowledgments Introduction Meditation 1: Prayer Language and Laying-on of Hands Meditation 2: Visualization and Relinquishment Prayer Meditation 3: Prayer of Self Worth Meditation 4: Subconscious Prayer Meditation 5: Prayer of Walking Meditation 6: Mary-Blessed Mother of Jesus Meditation 7: Prayer of Journal Keeping Meditation 8: Prayer Shawls and Prayer Blankets Meditation 9: Reflections on the Scriptures and Memorization Meditation 10: Prayer of Sorrow and Grieving Meditation 11: Prayer of Hypnagogic Imagery Meditation 12: A Suspension of Time Meditation 13: Imaginative Prayer Meditation 14: Contemplative Reading Meditation 15: Prayer of Trees, Creatures, Flowers and Rocks Meditation 16: Listening Prayer Meditation 17: Ahimsa, Rochester and Angels Meditation 18: Creating Your Own Books Meditation 19: Prayer Candles Meditation 20: Angel Unaware? Meditation 21: Prayer of Photographs Meditation 22: Prayer of Story Telling Meditation 23: Prayer Kittens-and Other Earth Angels Meditation 24: Prayer of Letter Writing Meditation 25: Prayer of Fasting Meditation 26: Prayer of Music Meditation 27: Prayer of Guiding Words Meditation 28: Prayer of Forgiveness Meditation 29: Prayer of Drawing Meditation 30: Prayer of Gathering Meditation 31: Prayer of Litany Meditation 32: Prayer of Poetry Meditation 33: Poustinia Hymn for Bedtime: As I Lay Down to Sleep Amen

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