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A Serious Call To Contemplative Lifestyle by Hinson

Preface vii Chapter 1 The Problems of Devotion in the Space Age 1 The Surface Problem: Secularization The Root Problem: A Loss of Transcendence The Underlying Problem: How Do We See God in the Picture? Chapter 2 God's Place in the Picture 15 Some Inadequate Solutions God and Process The Will of God for Us Chapter 3 Devotion in Our Activities 29 Secularization or Sacralization? The Increase of Love of God and of Neighbor Activity and Contemplation Chapter 4 The Contemplative Style 43 Why Pray? What Is Prayer? What Prayer Does Chapter 5 The Simplification of Life 57 A Primary Concern: Discovering the Center The Proper Use of Time The Proper Use of Things In Summary Chapter 6 Aids to Meaningful Devotion 71 "Mind Expanders" Charismatic Gifts Gathering with the Community of Believers Retreats The Bible and Other Devotional Literature Visuals Audials Kinetic Arts Asceticism Keeping a Journal Aids as Proximates, Not Ultimates Notes 85 Selected Devotional Reading 87

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