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Your Mind by Christopher Cortman, Harold Shinitzky

Dr. Christopher Cortman has been a licensed psychologist in Florida for the past 23 years. He is a much-sought-after counselor and speaker who shares his significant knowledge of the human psyche in ways that clients and audiences can understand and immediately apply to their daily lives. Dr. Cortman has facilitated more than 80,000 hours of office and residential psychotherapy and provides psychological consultation services at five local hospitals. He also serves as a consultant to government and law enforcement agencies, and frequently testifies as an expert witness in civil and criminal courts. Dr. Harold Shinitzky is in private practice in Florida. He currently consults for several countries, states, counties, and schools on the development, implementation, and evaluation of adolescent prevention initiatives. He has been the mental health correspondent for Radio Disney, ABC, and Fox television in Tampa. He was previously the director of the Assessment/Intervention Team Prevention Services at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics. He is on the national advisory board to Drug Free America, The Learning Partnership, and the Applied Institute of Forensic Psychology.

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