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Your Body Believes Every Word You Say: The Language of the Body/Mind Connection by Barbara Hoberman Levine, Judith Wershil (Foreword by), Bernie S. Siegel (With)

Chapter 1 How I Came to Write This Book 1 The Brain Tumor: My Growth Beginning to Heal Gaining Perspective Setbacks and Progress New Perspective Chapter 2 The Fundamentals of Healing 14 Holistic Medicine Ridding the Body of Disease-Causing Pollutants Psychosomatics Contemporary Mind-Body Perspectives Emotion's Effect on the Body Body and Mind: Functionally Inseparable Thought Affects Physiology Harnessing the Positive Power of Attitude Chapter 3 How We Think and Talk About Disease 36 Names as Symbols Evoke Images The Advent of the Sinus Headache Anorexia and Bulimia Copy Cat Disease Syndrome Hypertension The Grammar of Disease Ancient Wisdom of the Power of Words Your Power to Influence Your Health Chapter 4 Responsibility and Creative Intelligence 52 Meaning and Reality From Resistance to Acceptance of Reality Unconscious and Conscious Awareness Getting the Message Through Disease We Are Not Victims Chapter 5 Core Beliefs and Seedthoughts 68 Core Beliefs and Seedthoughts Flakes As Feedback Our Internal Chatter Decoding Sensations Cliches As Emotional Expressions Discovering Your Seedthoughts Which Comes First, Chicken or Egg? Chapter 6 Emotion and Your Body's Language 80 Emotional Connections to the Past You Are the Meaning Maker A Rash Experience: Actions & Antidotes Mind Over Matter Chapter 7 The Body As Emotional Barometer 92 Eating Right to Stay Fit The Body Speaks Its Mind Pow! That Emotion Just Zapped You Chapter 8 Cliches and Body Talk 105 Dangerous Seedthoughts The Body's Messages Mixed Messages Rx: Positive Talk, Positive Thoughts, Positive Attitudes Chapter 9 Perceptions About Health and Disease 124 Beliefs and the Immune System Flexible Thinking Creates Flexible Bodies Hypnosis and Beliefs Pre Menstrual Syndrome I'm gonna Live Till I Die! Chapter 10 Mental Projection and Expectations 140 Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Healing Conversations Expectations Have Power The Placebo Effect Minding the Body Media Messages Create Expectations You Get What You Believe Hope as Healer Chapter 11 The Operating Manual 157 Consciousness as Software Feedback Prevents Breakdown Flying Blind Intrapersonal Communication Interpersonal Communication Body Messages Technological Feedback The Truth Process Chapter 12 Keys to the Good Health Kingdom 175 Intuition Varieties of Meditation Mindfulness Moving Meditations Prayer Heals How You Can Use These Tools Chapter 13 Healing Techniques 196 Picturing What You Want Polar Bears Can Chill Cancer Software for the Mind Affirmations Preparation for Surgery Hypnosis Faith Chapter 14 Healing Through Dreamwork and Artwork 213 The Metaphorical Language of Sleep Dreams Reveal, Not Conceal Interpret Dreams with Caution Dr. Bernie Siegel--Teacher/Healer/Dreamworker Dreams and Spontaneous Drawings by Bernie & Barbara Siegel Dreams I Turn to Drawings Predicting the Results of Treatment Improving the Effects of Treatment Dreams Guide Treatment Chapter 15 Creating a New Context: Healing from Within 228 Why Am I Sick? Because... Tumors and Diabetes Backbone The Authentic You Creating a Health-Full Context Forgiveness: How Do I Forgive? Chapter 16 Keys to My Survival 242 36 Core Beliefs Epilog 258 End Notes 274 Recommended Reading 280 Resources 286 Index 294 About the Author 301

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