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Responding to Anger: A Workbook by Lorrainne Bilodeau

Lorrainne Bilodeau, MS, CCAS, earned her graduate degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 1977 she has worked in the field of chemical dependency as a counselor, and more recently as a program director.As a gifted trainer, lecturer, and consultant, Ms. Bilodeau has conducted workshops on Responding to Client Anger for over a hundred human service agencies, provided training opportunities as adjunct faculty for a number of universities, and facilitated seminars, conferences and summer school presentations on Anger Therapy for the Recovering Chemically Dependent Person.Ms. Bilodeau is the author of The Anger Workbook. She has appeared as a guest speaker on radio shows around the country, including National Public Radio. She has written a number of articles on chemical dependency, relapse, and anger. Her most recent project is a workbook focused on Responding to Another's Anger.

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