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Obsessive-Complusive Disorder for Dummies by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith

Introduction. Part I: The Ins and Outs of OCD. Chapter 1: Reviewing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Chapter 2: Scrutinizing OCD. Chapter 3: Meeting the Relatives and Associates of OCD. Chapter 4: Blaming the Brain for OCD. Chapter 5: Developing and Reinforcing OCD. Part II: Starting Down the Treatment Path. Chapter 6: Overcoming OCD Obstacles to Change. Chapter 7: Getting Help for OCD. Part III: Overcoming OCD. Chapter 8: Cleaning Up OCD Thinking with a CBT Reality Check. Chapter 9: Managing the OCD Mind. Chapter 10: Tackling OCD Behavior with ERP. Chapter 11: Considering Medications for OCD. Chapter 12: Responding to and Recovering from Relapse. Part IV: Targeting Specific Symptoms of OCD. Chapter 13: Dealing with Doubting and Checking OCD. Chapter 14: Subduing OCD-Driven Shame. Chapter 15: Messing with Just So OCD. Chapter 16: Throwing Out OCD: Hoarding. Chapter 17: Shrinking Superstitious OCD. Chapter 18: Uncovering OCD Accomplices. Chapter 19: Dealing with OCD-Related Impulsive Problems. Part V: Assisting Others with OCD. Chapter 20: Determining Whether Your Child Has OCD. Chapter 21: Helping Your Child Overcome OCD. Chapter 22: Helping Family and Friends Overcome OCD with Coaching. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 23: Ten Quick OCD Tricks. Chapter 24: Ten Steps to Take After You Get Better. Chapter 25: Ten Dirty Little Secrets about Dirt. Part VII: Appendixes. Appendix A: Resources For You. Appendix B: Forms to Use Against OCD.

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