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No More Panic Attacks: A 30-Day Plan for Conquering Anxiety by Jennifer Shoquist, Diane Stafford (Joint Author)

Preface: Knowing What It's Like (One Author's Tale of Anxiety) 11 Introduction: Simple Stress, Panic, or Anxiety Disorder? 15 Chapter 1 Anxiety, Up-Close and Personal 31 Chapter 2 Take the 2002 Life Quality Test 53 Chapter 3 Gearing Up for Success: Your Anxiety-Busting Skills 63 Chapter 4 The New You Redo: 30 Days of Anxiety-Busting 91 Chapter 5 What to Do When Your Children Make You Anxious 117 Chapter 6 Fighting Panic Attacks in College 143 Chapter 7 Handling Couple Troubles That Cause Anxiety 153 Chapter 8 Getting Rid of Job-Related Anxiety 177 Chapter 9 Taking Charge of Extended-Family Situations 189 Chapter 10 Knocking the Panic Out of Personal Issues 193 Chapter 11 Curbing the Anxiety of Money Troubles 221 Chapter 12 Now What? (Alternative Options) 227 Chapter 13 Maintaining Your Newfound Hardy Approach 235 Bibliography 237 Index 247 About the Authors 253

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