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New Beliefs, New Brain: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear by Lisa Wimberger, David Perlmutter

Lisa Wimberger holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Stonybrook, NY, and a Certification in Neuroleadership. She is the founder of the Neurosculpting Institute, a certified MBTI consultant, a former inner-city school teacher, and a private practitioner teaching clients who suffer stress disorders. Lisa has created and facilitated leadership trainings for Executive teams in Fortune 500 companies, the Colorado Department of Health and Finance Policy, and worked individually with international management. Lisa has filled a missing niche to address First Responders' needs. She has created and facilitated emotional survival programs for Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies and peer counsel groups. Over the last two years 600 police officers have attended her workshops. Lisa writes for the Elephant Journal, CopsAlive and partners with the Law Enforcement Survival Institute. Lisa's services are sought on a national level by individuals in law enforcement looking to find a new way to navigate through their stress patterns. Lisa studied Ascension training for four years with a sect of American monks. She completed two and a half years of training at ICI applying the tools of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and a year and a half post-graduate studies. Lisa is a member of the National Center for Crisis Management and ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association).

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