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Mourning and Mitzvah: A Guided Journal for Walking the Mourner's Path through Grief to Healing by Anne Brener

Guidelines List of Exercises Kaddish de'Rabbanan: In Appreciation Foreword Introduction to the Second Edition Introduction Preface: My Time to Mourn; My Time to Dance 1 Timeline: The Major Phases of the Jewish Year of Mourning 7 Pt. I Tzimtzum: Contraction 1 Avelut (Mourning): The Mourner's Path 10 2 Hesped (Eulogy) and Truthtelling: Mourning as a Process 20 3 Mekom Hanekhama: Finding a Place of Comfort 32 4 B'tzelim Elohim (In God's Image): Before Covering the Mirror 42 5 The Shekhinah (God's Presence) at the Bedside: Remembering the Illness and the Death 58 6 Aninut (from Death to Burial): Suspended between Two Worlds 72 7 Shiva (First Seven Days of Mourning): A Community Embrace 86 Pt. II Shevirat Kelim: The Breaking of Vessels 8 Keriah (Tearing of Cloth After Hearing News of the Death) and Deep Feelings: Rending the Garment to Expose the Heart 108 9 Keriah and Kaddish (The Mourner's Prayer): Keeping the Conversation Going to Heal the Hurt 134 10 Keriah and Prayer: Speaking Out from the Distress of Your Soul 152 Pt. III Tikkun: Healing 11 Immortality in Olam Hazeh: Living On in the World of the Living 174 12 Olam Haneshamot: Immortality in the Next World: A Walk through the World of Souls 190 13 Matzevah (Monument of Tombstone): The unveiling: Raising the Curtain on the Rest of Your Life 204 14 Yizkor (Memorial Prayer), Yahrzeit (Anniversary of the Death), and the Cycle of Seasons 214 15 Shalom: Hello, Goodbye, and Peace 230 16 Those Who Say "Amen": How to Comfort the Bereaved 237 Source Acknowledgments 247 Glossary 250 Books of Consult for Further Help 256 About Jewish Lights 260

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