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Matter and Memory by Henri Bergson, W. S. Palmer (Translator), Nancy Margaret Paul (Translator)

Introduction vii Chapter I Of the Selection of Images for Conscious Presentation. What our Body Means and Does 1 Real action and virtual action 1 Representation 8 Realism and Idealism 14 The choice of images 17 Relation between representation and action 35 The image and reality 45 The image and affective sensation 51 Nature of affective sensation 55 The image, apart from sensation 59 Natural extension of images 62 Pure perception 69 Approach to the problem of matter 73 Memory 81 Chapter II Of the Recognition of Images. Memory and Brain 86 The two forms of memory 86 Movements and Recollections 105 Recollections and movements 118 Realization of memories 145 Chapter III Of the Survival of Images. Memory and Mind 170 Pure memory 170 What the present is 176 The unconscious 181 Existence 189 Relation of past and present 191 Memory and general ideas 201 The Association of Ideas 212 The plane of action and the plane of dream 217 The different planes of consciousness 220 Attention to life 225 Mental equilibrium 227 The Office of the body 231 Chapter IV The Delimiting and Fixing of Images. Perception and Matter: Soul and Body 233 The problem of dualism 233 Description of the Method 238 Indivisibility of movement 246 Real movement 254 Perception and matter 259 Duration and tension 267 Extensity and extension 277 Soul and body 291 Summary and Conclusion 299 Index 333

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