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Invisible Wounds of War: Summary and Recommendations for Addressing Psychological and Cognitive Injuries by Terri Tanielian, Lisa Jaycox, Terry L. Schell

HAPTER 1 Introduction 1 Signature Wounds 1 Scope of This Monograph 2 Caring for Invisible Wounds 3 The Current Policy Context 5 Organization of This Monograph 7 Ch. 2 Study Purpose, Methods, and Key Findings 9 The Purpose of the RAND Study 9 Methods 9 Key Findings 10 Prevalence of Mental Health Conditions and TBI 10 Long-Term Consequences of Mental Health and Cognitive Conditions 15 Costs 17 Systems of Care 21 Strengths and Limitations 26 Ch. 3 Conclusions and Recommendations 29 Prevalence 30 Costs 31 Systems of Care 33 Recommendations 35 Treating the Invisible Wounds of War 41 Glossary 43 References 49

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