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Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts: Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD by Patricia P. Driscoll, Celia Straus

Foreword Brigadier General Loree K. Sutton ix Introduction Patricia P. Driscoll 1 1 Deployed, Decorated and Living in a Car: The Story of Marine Corps Sergeant Christopher Horman 5 2 Deciding Who is Sane Enough to Fight: The Ethics of Military Medicine in a Time of War Alice Psirakis 11 3 Landmine Blast to a Soul: The Story of Army SPC Walter Blackston 17 4 America Keeps its Promise: The Truth About Military Care of Warriors with Traumatic Brain Injury Colonel Christopher S. Williams 23 5 Bringing the War Home: The Story of Army Chief Warrant Officer Richard Gutteridge 27 6 Healing the Human Spirit, Hour by Hour Barbara V. Romberg 35 7 Deeper Than War: The Story of US Marine Corps Captain Tyler Boundreau 39 8 The VA'S Suicide Prevention Hotline: Saving the Lives of Veterans Dr. Janet Kemp 45 9 A Sharpshooter Fires Back: The Story of Army PFC Robert Kislow 51 10 The Expert Consultants: Our Patients Kelly Petska Donald MacLennan 57 11 War Chant: The Story of Army Sergeant John "Medicine Bear" Radell 65 12 The Weapon of Choice-Patience Dr. Charles 71 13 A Woman at War: The Story of Army 2nd Lieutenant Sylvia Blackwood-Boutelle 75 14 I Just Want to be Back in Iraq Alice Psirakis 81 15 At Home Outside the Wire: The Story of Marine Corps Corporal William Berger 85 16 Winning Hidden Battles: Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Bill Yamanaka 91 17 A Neverending Battle: The Story of Army Corporal Jonnei Campaz 97 18 The Real Story Behind Your Story Dr. Rick Levy 103 19 Against All Odds: The Story of Marine Corps Corporal Joshua Hoffman 111 20 AVeterans' Guide to Mental Health Services in the VA Ira R. Katz Bradley Karlin 119 21 When Mommy Comes Home: The Story of Army Sergeant Devore Barlowe 127 22 Why are you Always Angry, Mommy? Children in Wartime-How to Know When Help Is Needed Michael Genhart 133 23 A Good Wacking: The Story of Army Sergeant David Emme 137 24 The Mental Transceiver Norman McCormack 145 25 I'll Never Leave You: The Story of Army National Guard Sergeant Jose Pequeno and His Mother, Nelida Bagley 147 26 The Faces Behind the Files: The VA's Polytrauma System of Care Dr. Barbara Sigford 153 27 Portrait of Resilience: The Story of Army Sergeant Brent Bretz 159 28 Families of Honor Dr. Mary Car-Blanchard 165 29 Delta Force Down: The Story of Army Special Operations Sergeant Bryan Lane 169 30 Realizing the Promise of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies in the VHA Bradley Karlin Josef Ruzek Kathleen Chard 173 31 A Wounded Warrior: The Story of Army Sergeant Nathan Towes 181 32 Falling Through the Cracks: Why Time Is Runing Out by Lt. Colonel Cynthia Rasmussen 187 33 Courage to Heal: The Story of Army National Guard Sergeant Michael Mills and Suki Mills 191 34 Tending, Attending, and Healing: All Together, One by One Dr. Joseph Bobrow 201 35 Sleepless in Silver Spring: The Story of National Guard Specialist 1st Class Duval Diaz 207 36 The Battle for Love Mitchell S. Tepper 213 37 One Foot is Better than Two: The Story of Army Corporal Nicholas Firth and His Mother, Faye Firth 221 38 Facing Our Fears Barbara V. Romberg 227 39 Afraid to Trust: The Story of Marine Corps Sergeants Kelly Meister and Cody Sepulvida 233 40 The Road Back to Self: It's the Journey, Not the Destination David Carroll 241 41 A Family Affair: The Story of Army Sergeant John Weinburgh and Lindsey Weinburgh 247 42 Preparing Ourselves to Help with the Journey Home Barbara Tiner 253 Acknowledgments Celia Straus 257 About the Contributors 261 Resources for Military Service Members and Families 273

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