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Conquer Your Food Addiction: The Ehrlich 8-Step Program for Permanent Weight Loss by Caryl Ehrlich

Contents Dear Reader My Story Orientation An Overheard Conversation Food for Thought... The Ritual of Food Addiction Denial Taking Responsibility Unrealistic Expectations Can Cause Failure Misdirected Anger I Speak to You One-on-One Session 1 The Basics What Is Real Hunger? Possible Pitfalls Person Filled with Excuses to Eat Setting Your Goal Water, Water, Water Anticipate and Plan Ahead No Finger Foods All-or-Nothing Thinking The 20-Minute Meal Onward and Downward Keep a Program Log The Food Log Suggested Meal Plans Travel with a Scale Don't Put Yourself at Risk, Don't Leave Yourself at Risk Assignments: Session 1 Summary of Beginning Assignments I Can Do It! Session 2 Meal Parameters Review of Previous Assignments Meal Parameters An Overheard Conversation II Assignments: Session 2 Session 3 The Fillers Review of Previous Assignments The Fillers How to Change Your Conditioned Responses to Fillers Spiking (and Crashing) Assignments: Session 3 Session 4 Number of Items Review of Previous Assignments Four Stages of Breaking an Addiction Mini-Review How Many Items in a Meal? Writing a Meal Plan Summary of How to Write a Meal Plan Assignments: Session 4 Session 5 Portion Size Review of Previous Assignments Portion Size: The Problems Portion Size: The Solutions Nut and Seed Sheet Commentary Assignments: Session 5 Session 6 Quantum Leaps Review/Rate Your Progress Positive Thinking Quantum Leaps I Have Jumped Body Image Session 7 Comprehensive Review Review of Previous Assignments Feed the Smaller Person You've Become Mistaking Hunger Reasons for Repatterning A Trade-Off Repatterning by Anticipating and Planning Ahead Repatterning by Thinking Repatterning by Moving Don't Panic Card Repatterning by Relaxing and Refreshing Repatterning by Talking Ten Things to Say to Refuse Food (But Not Spurn Love or Friendship) Session 7 Home Base Dining Out The Weekend Guest Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and Cocktail Parties A Wedding Reception Holiday Eating Strategy Review Cruise Ship or Resort The Beginning Acknowledgments Index

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