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Confessions of an Introvert: The Shy Girl's Guide to Career, Networking and Getting the Most out of Life by Meghan Wier

Throughout her diverse career, Meghan Wier has been a carpenter, a special events coordinator, a professional fundraiser, a corporate relations director, a salesperson, and a vice president at businesses and organizations large and small. Ms. Wier is known for melding her professional style, keen business sense, and desire to share her work and life experiences with others. An introvert/forced extrovert, her relationship-building savvy and strong marketing skills have made her a recognized expert in building through networking. Ms. Wier is an influential authority on business networking and marketing, and she believes in the importance of managing your job as if you owned the company. Currently, Meghan Wier is working as a writer in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband Jason and son Nathaniel.

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