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Career and Corporate Cool: How to Look, Dress, and Act the Part -- At Every Stage in Your Career... by Rachel Weingarten

Rachel C. Weingarten is President of GTK Marketing Group, LLC, which creates and implements brand strategies, promotions, and high-profile events for the fashion and entertainment industries. She's transitioned with great style through careers as a cosmetics industry executive, weekly beauty columnist, and entrepreneur. She is a noted expert on marketing and trends who is regularly quoted in The New York Times, CNN.com, The Washington Post and many others, as well as a business and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in Fortune, Fortune Small Business, USA Weekend, Men's Health, Brandweek, and many other publications. She is also the author of Hello Gorgeous! Beauty Products in America '40s-'60s. Visit www.careerandcorporatecool.com for more information.

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