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Calming the Family Storm: Anger Management for Moms, Dads, and All the Kids by Gary D. McKay, Steven A. Maybell

Gary D. McKay, Ph.D. (Tucson, Arizona) is the co-author of twelve books and programs, including HOW YOU FEEL IS UP TO YOU, RAISING RESPECTFUL KIDS IN A RUDE WORLD and SYSTEMATIC TRAINING FOR EFFECTIVE PARENTING (STEP), the world's leading parent education program. He is a retired psychologist and a diplomate in Adlerian Psychology (North American Society of Adlerian Psychology -- NASAP) who conducts workshops for his publications in North America and Europe. Steven A. Maybell, Ph.D. (Kirkland, Washington) is clinical director for Youth Eastside Services in Bellevue, Washington, a therapist in private practice, and a teacher of Adlerian Psychology in training institutes and universities throughout the country. He holds diplomates in Adlerian Psychology (NASAP), Professional Psychotherapy (IABMCP), Clinical Social Work (NASW), and is an Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Maybell is a co-author of RAISING RESPECTFUL KIDS IN A RUDE WORLD.

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