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Authentic Career: Following the Path of Self-Discovery to Professional Fulfillment by Maggie Craddock

Acknowledgments xi Introduction xiii Stage I Awareness 1 Chapter 1 Your Mental Detective Work 4 Exercise: Your Personal Tree of Life 7 Chapter 2 Your Monetary Detective Work 25 Exercise: Your Net Worth Comfort Zone 26 Chapter 3 The Mental Alchemy of Releasing the "Shoulds" 36 Exercise: Weeding the "Shoulds" 38 Exercise: Uncovering Your Authentic Priorities 44 Stage II Emotional Ownership 53 Chapter 4 The Physical Foundation of Success 59 Exercise: Expanding Your Emotional Boundaries 62 Chapter 5 Identifying Your Dominant Roles 73 Exercise: The Cycle of the Role and the Cycle of the Authentic Self 81 Exercise: Cueing the Role 85 Chapter 6 Strengthening Your Authentic Self 94 Exercise: Creating Your Personal Myth 97 Stage III Interaction 103 Chapter 7 Understanding the Impact of Group Energy 107 Exercise: Defining the Organizational Role 108 Exercise: The Influence Chart 115 Chapter 8 Building Relationships That Support Your Authentic Self 122 Exercise: Your Support Group Inventory 122 Exercise: Using the Group's Feedback 131 Chapter 9 Remaining True to Yourself Under Pressure 139 Exercise: The Dress Rehearsal for the Authentic Self 141 Stage IV Integration 151 Chapter 10 Learning to Trust Your Inner World 155 Exercise: The Mandala of Your Life 156 Chapter 11 Using New Tools for Old Challenges 162 Exercise: Developing a Personal Meditation Practice 164 Exercise: Your Synchronicities Inventory 170 Chapter 12 Maintaining an Interdependent Perspective 177 Exercise: Expanding Your Definition of Success 178 Exercise: A Letter to Your Future Self 187 Conclusion 196 Index 201 About the Author 209

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