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Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Disabilities: Reality, Myths, and Controversial Treatments by Barbara Ingersoll, Sam Goldstein (With), Sam Goldstein (Contribution by)

Authors' Note Introduction: Are "Alternative Treatments" Good Alternatives? 1 Ch. 1 What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? 11 Ch. 2 What Are Learning Disabilities? 41 Ch. 3 How New Treatments Are Evaluated: Science, Pseudoscience, and Quackery 73 Ch. 4 Effective Treatments for ADHD 87 Ch. 5 Effective Treatments for Learning Disabilities 107 Ch. 6 Pills and Potions 121 Ch. 7 Dietary Interventions 149 Ch. 8 Training Approaches to Treatment 171 Ch. 9 Miscellaneous Approaches 199 Concluding Remarks: Where Do We Go from Here? 209 References 213 Addenda 235 Index 241

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