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Asperger Syndrome and Employment by Genevieve Edmonds, Luke Beardon

Preface to the Series   Genevieve Edmonds     9 Introduction   Luke Beardon     11 Employment for People with Asperger Syndrome: What's Needed?   Giles Harvey     19 The Job Needs to Work for the Worker   PJ Hughes     31 Experiences of Employment and Stress Before My Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome   Alexandra Brown     42 'How Do You Communicate that You Have a Communication Problem...When You Have a Communication Problem?' Asperger Syndrome and Employment   Neil Shepherd     54 Case Study by an Employee with Asperger Syndrome and His Line Manager   Dean Worton   Paul Binks     67 The World of Work (Is Not on Another Planet) and my Journey to Get There   Dr John Biddulph     80 Finding, Applying For and Starting a Job   Mark Haggarty     98 What I have Learned from 25 Years of Employment   Steve Jarvis     109 Asperger Syndrome and Employment: My Experiences and Observations   Anne Henderson     114 What Aspies Need to Know When Working in the Neurotypical Environment   Cornish     118 A Melmacian in the Workplace: Asperger Syndrome for Employers   Chris Mitchell     128 Surviving the Workplace: Asperger Syndrome atWork   Stuart Vallantine     135 The Importance of Motivation and Clear Communication at Work   Vicky Bliss     152 Continuing to Search for the Right Job for Me   Philip Bricher     162 I'm Just So Willing to Work   Emma Beard     165 List of Contributors     168 Index     171

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