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Addictive Relationships: Reclaiming Your Boundaries by Joy Erlichman Miller

Joy Erlichman Miller, Ph.D. is an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, professional trainer and author. She is an Illinois state Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor as well as a Certified Master Addictions Counselor. Additionally, Dr. Miller is a part-time instructor at Bradley University teaching in the Graduate ELH program. Dr. Miller is a frequent expert on national television and has appeared on the Sally Jessy Raphael, Oprah, Jenny Jones, Montel Williams and Geraldo Rivera shows. Her works have been featured in various national magazines and over 30 newspapers around the country. She has hosted her own radio show for five years on a CBS affiliate and currently presents a mental health segment on the local CBS television station. In 1996, Dr. Miller was presented with the Harold Hodgkinson Dissertation Award for her doctoral dissertation entitled the Coping Strategies and Adaptation Mechanisms Utilized by Female Holocaust Survivors from the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Her published books include: Following the Yellow Brick Road: The Adult Child's Personal Journey Through Oz, My Holding You Up is Holding Me Back: Over-Responsibility and Shame, Celebrations for Your Inner Child, and Addictive Relationships: Reclaiming Your Boundaries.

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