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Abriendo Camino a la Abundancia: Manifieste la libertad y la alegria de una vida plena by Ellen Peterson, Edgar Rojas (Translator)

Ellen Peterson is a licensed and certified social worker in the state of New York. She has been in private practice at Avenues Counseling Center in Ithaca, New York for eleven years. She has developed and facilitated many groups on a variety of topics, and also facilitates weekend retreat programs and workshops, all of which serve to enhance participant's personal growth. Ellen is often called the "queen of manifesting," as the ease with which she continually manifests her own dreams and desires has been widely observed and she takes great joy in teaching others how to do so. Ellen Peterson has been interviewed on radio as well as on television and has been a presenter at the International Heart Centered Hypnotherapy Conference. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Association of Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance is Peterson's first book with Llewellyn.

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