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A Patchwork of Comforts: Small Pleasures for Peace of Mind by Carol Wiseman

Contents Welcome           Alone Time: The only voice you hear is your own           Aromas: Trigger memories           Bath: Ahhh, alone at last           Bed: Human nesting           Birding: Finding flying treasure           Breathing: More than just oxygen to your brain           Camping: Leaving cement behind           Candlelight: Mellows the mood           Children and Family: Knowing they're well is everything           Collecting: More is sometimes better           Confidence: Courage to take a risk           Cooking: Delicious therapy           Cuddling: Back to the womb           Dance: Frees your spirit           Dark: Mandatory eye rest           Daydreams: Going to the movies for free           Dogs: Your children wearing fur           Doing Nothing: Gives your senses a rest           Eating Out: No decisions, no cleanup           Feeling Useful: Helping someone means you're needed           Flowers: Nature smiling           Freedom: Your time is your own           Friendship: Someone to share your joys and sorrows           Golf: Challenge in paradise           Good Cry: Our emotions melting away           Good News from the Doctor: The ultimate relief           Hammock: Grown-up cradle           Hobby: Calms mental static           I Love You's: "Sweet nothings" are reassurance that you matter           Jacks on Queens: Black on red fills your mind           Kitties: Purring = Cat comfort           Learning: Finding mental treasure           Letters: Treasured gifts in the mailbox           Lists: Let you know where you stand           Losing Weight: Controlled shrinkage           Loving Partners: Their caring makes you feel cherished           Massage: Body kneading at its finest           Meditation: Stills a busy mind           Music: Mood maker           Naps: Day breaks           Nature: Comfort#1           Old Hats (and New): Cap off a great mood           Orion and Family: Sky glitter starts a party in your heart           Peaceful People: Calm is contagious           Photos: Passports to memories           Playing: A break from everydayness           Prayer: Help is on the way           Quiet: When you can hear your eyes blink           Reading: Adventure in your lap           Schedules: Planning ahead gives you something to look forward to           Shopping: Happiness is bargain hunting           Smiles: Gives you a natural high           Sounds: Just listen           Sun: Lifts sagging spirits           Support: Backup means you're not alone           Talk: Getting it out           Taste: Comfort begins with a bite           Touch: Body-to-body keeps you connected           Unclutter: Strive to KIS (Keep It Simple)           Understanding Ears: Hear how you fee           Vacation: Escape from responsibility           Walk: Free tour of nature           Watching: Just look           Water: See it, hear it, drink it, play in it           Wheelchair Accessible: Getting in - and out - of everyday places           Writing: Fingers channeling brainwaves           X-Tra Time: Doing less to experience more           Yard Work: A chance to nurture           Young at Heart: Keeps you in the loop           ZZZs: Renew and reactivate           Appendix           Acknowledgment and Thanks          

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