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A Guide to Rational Living by Albert Ellis, Melvin Powers (Foreword by), Robert A. Harper (Joint Author)

Acknowledgments iv Foreword vii Introduction to the Third Edition, Revised and Updated xi 1 How Far Can You Go With Self-therapy? 1 2 You Largely Feel the Way You Think 9 3 Feeling Well by Thinking Straight 17 4 How You Create Your Feelings 23 5 Thinking Yourself Out of Emotional Disturbances 35 6 Recognizing and Reducing Neurotic Behavior 45 7 Overcoming the Influences of the Past 59 8 Is Reason Always Reasonable? 71 9 Refusing to Feel Desperately Unhappy 87 10 Tackling Your Dire Need for Approval 101 11 Reducing Your Dire Fears of Failure 115 12 How to Stop Blaming and Start Living 127 13 How to Feel Frustrated but not Depressed or Enraged 139 14 Controlling Your Own Emotional Destiny 155 15 Conquering Anxiety and Panic 163 16 Acquiring Self-discipline 177 17 Rewriting Your Personal History 187 18 Accepting and Coping With the Grim Facts of Life 197 19 Overcoming Inertia and Getting Creatively Absorbed 207 20 Additional Rational Approaches to a Good Life 213 21 Additional Emotive and Behavioral Approaches to A Good Life 227 22 Research Evidence Supporting the Principles and Practice of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy 241 23 Acquiring Profound Rational Philosophies to Make Yourself Remarkably Less Disturbed and Less Disturbable 245 Selected References 255 Index 275

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