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100 Questions & Answers About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) In Women And Girls by Dr. Patricia Quinn

Foreword v Preface xi Part 1 ADHD in Women and Girls: What Are the Differences? 1 Questions 1-16 explain the common characteristics and components of ADHD in women and girls: What are the most common symptoms of ADHD in females? Are differences seen in women who have their ADHD diagnosed early versus later in life? Are certain subtypes of ADHD more common in females? What are the risks in adolescence for girls with ADHD? Part 2 ADHD and Coexisting Conditions Commonly Seen in Women and Girls 31 Questions 17-32 review the coexisting conditions that are often seen in girls and women with ADHD: Is ADHD usually seen alone, or do other conditions accompany the diagnosis, and are they specific to gender? Is depression diagnosed more commonly before or after ADHD? Can ADHD be seen with bipolar disorder, or are women misdiagnosed as having bipolar disorder instead of ADHD? When anxiety and ADHD occur together, should the anxiety or the ADHD be treated first or should they be treated at the same time? Are girls and women with ADHD at risk for developing eating disorders? Part 3 Treatment of ADHD in Girls and Women 57 Questions 33-52 introduce the different treatments available for girls and women with ADHD: What constitutes the best treatment for ADHD in women and girls? What medications are used to treat ADHD in women and girls? How do I know if my medications are working? When a girl or woman has ADHD and multiple coexisting conditions, what are some general guidelines for treatment? Which disorder should be treated first? Are there alternative therapies that I can try (e.g., herbs, nutrition therapy, behavior management, exercise) that have been proven to help control ADHD? Part 4 Other Issues 99 Questions 53-94 examine common challenges girls and women may face while dealing with ADHD, as well as helpful tools to manage their condition: What special challenges do women with ADHD face, and what tools and techniques can help them meet those challenges? What strategies can I use in the workplace to minimize the negative effects of my ADHD? How does ADHD affect social skills in girls, and what can parents do about it? Do hormonal fluctuations affect ADHD symptoms in girls and women? How can a mom with ADHD be most helpful to a child with ADHD when both are struggling with similar issues? Part 5 Getting More Help for ADHD 183 Questions 95-100 provide important information on how to live a productive and fulfilled life while living with ADHD: What is coaching and how does it help when a person has ADHD? How can a woman or girl with ADHD reframe her ADHD? What is an ADHD-friendly lifestyle? Where can I go for more information on ADHD in women and girls? Appendix A Taking a Closer Look at DSM-IV-TR and DSM-5 191 Appendix B Resources 199 Glossary 219 Index 229

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