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Type Talk at Work: How the 16 Personality Types Determine Your Success on the Job by Otto Kroeger, Janet M. Thuesen, Hile Rutledge

Acknowledgments ix Foreword xi How to Read This Book xiii I Introduction to typewatching 1. The Importance of People "Would you mind doing this our way?" 3 2. What's Your Type? "Doesn't anyone care about what I want?" 15 3. The ABCs of Type "Would you please look with your eyes instead of your mouth?" 27 4. The Ten Commandments of Typewatching 46 5. A Typewatching Shortcut: The Four Temperaments "Hi, I'm an NF, and I'm here to help." 51 II Putting typewatching to work 6. Leadership "I must become an expert in a whole new set of skills." 63 7. Team Building "I may not be the best person to give you advice on that subject." 93 8. Problem Solving "But if it works, why should I change?" 120 9. Conflict Resolution "Now, now, let's not get emotional." 139 10. Goal Setting "If I did speak up, would anyone even hear me?" 160 11. Time Management "We don't have time to do it right. We only have time to do it over." 176 12. Hiring and Firing "How can we trust each other not to screw up each other's jobs?" 193 13. Ethics "Why do we spend so much company time talking about a problem that doesn't exist?" 213 14. Stress Management "Now, now, we mustn't lose our heads." 233 15. Sales "Let me tell you about our Frequent Mower's Club." 254 16. Typewatching from 9 to 5 Q: "What's the book about?" A: "About two hundred fifty pages." 275 17. Some Final Thoughts 295 III The sixteen profiles at work Introduction 303 ISTJ: Life's Natural Organizers 306 ISFJ: Committed to Getting the Job Done 313 INFJ: An Inspiring Leader and Follower 318 INTJ: Life's Independent Thinkers 324 ISTP: Just Do It 329 ISFP: Action Speaks Louder Than Words 334 INFP: Making Life Kinder and Gentler 340 INTP: Life's Conceptualizers 345 ESTP: Making the Most of the Moment 352 ESFP: Let's Make Work Fun 358 ENFP: People Are the Product 364 ENTP: Progress Is the Product 369 ESTJ: Life's Natural Administrators 376 ESFJ: Everyone's Trusted Friend 381 ENFJ: Smooth-Talking Persuaders 386 ENTJ: Life's Natural Leaders 392 Afterword 399

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