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The Science of Happiness: How Our Brains Make Us Happy and What We Can Do to Get Happier by Stefan Klein, Stephen Lehmann (Translator)

Stefan Klein, PhD, was science editor of Der Spiegel, one of Germany's leading newsmagazines, from 1996?1999, and a staff writer with Geo magazine from 1999?2000, and he has also written for all of Germany's leading newspapers and magazines. Now a freelance writer in Berlin, he is considered one of the most influential science writers in German-speaking Europe. In 1998 he won the Georg von Holtzbrink Prize for Scientific Journalism. He is also the author of The Diaries of the Creation. He lives in TK. Translator Stephen Lehmann is the humanities librarian at the University of Pennsylvania. He co-translated Nietzsche's Human, All too Human and is the co-author of Rudolf Serkin: A Life. He lives in Swarthmore, PA.

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