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The Intentional Life: Living the Life You Were Born to Live by Andrea Lynn Gates

Andrea Gates, affectionately known as Lynn, is the founder of God's Daughters, a non-profit organization committed to ministering to women and girls. God's Daughters host annual conferences and events for women and girls in the city of Birmingham and beyond. It is her life's passion to teach others that they were born to be great, and have a God-ordained purpose and destiny. She has come to the understanding that living a life of purpose takes maintenance and wholeness. Andrea received extensive ministry training at New Life Interfaith Ministries under the leadership of Pastors George and Judith Matthews. At New Life she completed Ministers Training Institute (MTI) and Teachers Training Institute (TTI) in the year of 2003. Currently she is a member of Love Fellowship Christian Center in Adamsville, Alabama under the spiritual covering of Pastor Rodney and Telayo Standfield. As a lifelong learner she has once again found herself in a minister's training class where she is enhancing her skills as a teacher of the Gospel. It is there that she serves as a part of the ministerial staff as well as the praise and worship team. After 20 years in the Cosmetology Industry, Andrea is actively pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Communications and certification in Christian Counseling. Andrea is a resident of Birmingham, Alabama where she resides with her husband Anthony and her two sons Christopher and Anthony Jr.

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