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The Hero and the Goddess: The Odyssey as Pathway to Personal Transformation by Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson (Foreword by)

Foreword vii Note on Translations and Spelling xi Preface xiii Acknowledgments xvii Introduction 1 How to Use This Book 23 1 The Odyssey as Transformational Myth and Mystery 37 Exercise: The Friend in Court 64 2 The Beginning of the Hero's Journey 73 Exercise: The Call as Blunder 90 3 The Lotus-Eaters 105 Exercise: Eating the Lotus/The Dance of Will 107 4 The Cave of the Cyclops 113 Exercise: Self-Divestiture-Becoming Noman and Putting Out the Eye of the Cyclops 124 Exercise: The Great Homeric Brain 133 5 The Island of Aeolus 149 Exercise: The Winds of Aeolus 157 6 The Island of Circe 165 Exercise: The Initiations on Circe's Island 182 7 The Descent into the Underworld 197 Exercise: Journey in the Underworld 209 8 The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, and the Cattle of Helios 219 Exercise: Meeting the Sirens 232 Exercise: Walking the Line between Scylla and Charybdis 235 9 Calypso's Isle 241 Exercise: Gestation and Rebirth on Calypso's Isle 250 10 The Isle of the Phaeacians 267 Exercise: Caring Like the Phaeacians 280 11 The Initiation of Telemachus 295 Exercise: Creating a Night Journey 317 12 The Beggar and the Goddess 331 Exercise: Meetings with Remarkable Beings 347 13 Penelope 355 Exercise: Weaving the World with Penelope 376 14 Revenge and Reunion 391 Exercise: Clearing the House of Death and the Meeting with the Beloved 402 15 Creating the New Myth 413 Epilogue 423 Notes 425 A Guide to Translations of The Odyssey 442 Selected Bibliography 445 Pronunciation Guide 451 Musical Selections 454 Index 459 About the Author 470

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