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The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking: What Successful People Didn't Learn in School by Cliff Michaels

Also See Cliff Michaels.com > Cliff Michaels is a New York Times Bestselling author, speaker, strategist, broker, and social entrepreneur. His real estate firm, Cliff Michaels & Associates, has closed over $500 million dollars in sales since 1992. Cliff was the Founder of Knowledge Café (1996), an online community for life and business learning, and Co-Founder of FirstUse.com (1999), the first online registry to feature digital-notary technology. Cliff also served as a 10-year board member and 2003-2004 President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization Los Angeles (EO), part of the world's premier peer-to-peer network for business owners. He launched the chapter's first mentor programs for students, co-chaired international learning events, and created philanthropy galas for various charities. Cutting his entrepreneurial teeth with street-wise mentors, Cliff bought his first home at 19 with no money in the bank. His unique experience as a college freshman inspired research to prove a simple theory: that a substantial gap existed between classroom education, corporate training, and real-world Essentials for success and happiness. After dropping out of USC as a sophomore, Cliff spent the next 20 years building companies in real estate, technology, online learning, and strategic consulting. Cliff's trademark Success Systems enable anyone to launch a thriving business, build a dynamic career, or design a passionate lifestyle. His e-courses and live training are available through cliffmichaels.com. Giving Back Mission > Cliff's bigger mission is to inspire, give back, and raise the bar for global education and entrepreneurship. With each sale, free books and courses are donated to students in need.

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