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My Paris Story: Living, Loving, and Leaping Without a Net in the City of Light by The Paris Women of Success

About Success

Contents Introduction, xiii, Chapter 1 Connecting the Dots Dawn Z Bournand, 1, Chapter 2 Closet Guru - Coming Out of the Closet with My Own Unique Gift Michelle Pozon, 7, Chapter 3 A Joyful Heart Makes a Cheerful Face Mady Mendes, 14, Chapter 4 Paris is a Place to Dream Jennifer Manson, 19, Chapter 5 Paris, Je t'aime Julia Willard, 24, Chapter 6 My Sight Seeking Delight Karen Reb Rudel, 30, Chapter 7 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Lesley Kirk Renaud, 36, Chapter 8 A Year Ago Today Addis Kassegn, 42, Chapter 9 My Soul Mate Alecia Caine, 48, Chapter 10 Paris is a Mirror of You Olena Yashchuk Codet, 54, Chapter 11 Seven Years Rebecca Earley, 60, Chapter 12 Paris Became My Creative Playground Petronela Zainuddin, 67, Chapter 13 From Dream to Reality Geneviève Prono, 73, Chapter 14 The Beginning of a New Life Françoise Bor De Ley, 78, Chapter 15 A Letter to My Child Sanda Taranu, 84, Chapter 16 Rebirth Celine Douay, 89, Chapter 17 The Making of Patricia Parisienne Patricia Rosas, 95, Chapter 18 Your Passion is Your Gift Claire Morris, 101, Chapter 19 If I Can Make It There Sabrina Makar, 107, Chapter 20 I was Born in Paris Sonia Hadjadj, 112, Chapter 21 There's Never a Wrong Time Yulin Lee, 118, Chapter 22 Brave Heart Margot Nightingale, 124, My Favorite Place in Paris, 131, About the Authors, 141,

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