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Go Big: Make Your Shot Count in the Connected World by Cory Cotton

Cory Cotton, a graduate of Texas A&M University, is one of the founders of the five-man trick basketball shot team known as Dude Perfect. Since its appearance two years ago, Dude Perfect has garnered more than 47 million views of its online content and has been labeled as one of You Tube's top 10 most in-demand brands. An experienced writer and speaker, Cory has been privileged to speak live in front of millions on several television shows, including Fox's Studio B and CBS's The Early Show. Alongside his brother, Coby, he performed and spoke in front of the 13,000 attendees of the Catalyst Conference, one of the world's largest leadership events. Cory is involved in promoting several charities, including Compassion International and Visiting Orphans.

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