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Doing Business by the Good Book: 52 Lessons on Success Straight from the Bible by Robert L. Shook, David L. Steward, Robert L. Shook, Robert L. Shook (Joint Author), George H.W. Bush (Foreword by)

David Steward is the found and CEO of Worldwide Technologies Inc., listed by Black Enterprise as the largest African American owned company in the U.S. Steward was also named on of the top six of the 100+ Most Influencial Black Americans along with Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Parsons, CEO of AOL Time Warner, and Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express. He also serves as co-chairman of United Way. He lives in St. Louis, MO. Robert L. Shook is the author of 46 books and specializes in business writing. His work includes Mary Kay on People Management, and Longaberger--a number-one New York Times bestseller in 2001. He lives in Columbus, OH.

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