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Developing Talent in Young People by Benjamin Bloom, Lauren A. Sosniak (Contribution by), Kathryn D. Sloane (Contribution by)

1 The Nature of the Study and Why It Was Done 3 Music and Art 2 Learning to Be a Concert Pianist 19 3 One Concert Pianist 68 4 The Development of Accomplished Sculptors 90 Athletics 5 The Development of Olympic Swimmers 139 6 One Olympic Swimmer 193 7 Learning to Be a World-Class Tennis Player 211 Mathematics and Science 8 The Development of Exceptional Research Mathematicians 270 9 One Mathematician: "Hal Foster" 332 10 Becoming an Outstanding Research Neurologist 348 Perspectives on Talent Development 11 Phases of Learning 409 12 Home Influences on Talent Development 439 13 A Long-Term Commitment to Learning 477 14 Generalizations About Talent Development 507

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