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Bull's Eye: Targeting Your Life for Real Financial Wealth and Personal Fulfillment by Robert Kennedy

Foreword Bob Proctor 5 Introduction Prostitutes, Pedophiles and Adventures in Home Taxidermy: My Unbelievably Ballsy Path to Abundance 10 Target 1 Choose a High-Payoff Target 30 Target 2 Make Sure You've Got a Good Shot at Success 41 Target 3 Get Off the Darned Couch! 47 Target 4 Don't Wait For Inspiration 52 Target 5 Standing Still is Not an Option 58 Target 6 Create a Game Plan for Success 65 Target 7 Fill a Need and You Will Fill Your Bank Account 70 Target 8 Marketing: It's the Secret for Guaranteed Results 78 Target 9 Scared Money Never Wins 89 Target 10 Apply Faith 97 Target 11 Don't Let Anyone Talk You Out of Your :-Vision (Or Your Money) 103 Target 12 Become Obsessed 109 Target 13 Do Heed These Don'ts 121 Target 14 Kick Negativity to the Curb and Stomp On It 128 Target 15 Maintain Important Relationships 135 Target 16 Optimize Everything: Take Ideas and Improve on Them 141 Target 17 Partner Boldness With Vision and You'll Make a Two-Thumbs-Up Movie of Your Life 148 Target 18 Prepare Yourself for a Downturn 154 Target 19 Project Your Personality By Being Attractive, Sincere and Agreeable 161 Target 20 When You Find a Mentor, You Get the Feeling: If He Can Do It, I Can Do It 168 Target 21 You Have to Dream Big and Follow Through With Purpose 176 Target 22 Stick With Your Success Plan 181 Target 23 Reach Your Goals by Speaking Up? 186 Target 24 Utilize Other People's Brains 195 Target 25 You Never Know When Life is Going to Hit You Below the Belt 202 Target 26 Take Action. Avoid These 7 Fears 209 Target 27 Get on With Life. It's Zooming Past 218 Interviews Bob Proctor 223 Jay Hennick 246 John Cardillo 262 Scott Wilson 273 Richard Cooper 287 Notes 299 Acknowledgments 300 Recommended Reading 302 Biography 304

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