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Body Outlaws: Rewriting the Rules of Beauty and Body Image by Ophira Edut (Editor), Rebecca Walker (Foreword by)

Foreword Introduction My brown face 3 Klaus Barbie, and other dolls i'd like to see 14 The butt: its politics, its profanity, its power 22 The skinny on small 32 Becoming la mujer 38 Destination 120 47 Memoirs of a (sorta) ex-shaver 55 My jewish nose 62 To apu, with love 68 Fishnets, feather boas and fat 78 The chosen people 88 Food for our souls 96 Strip! 104 Lucy, I'm home 114 The art of the ponytail 124 Beauty secrets 133 Mirror, Mirror on the wall 144 Intimate enemies 152 Appraising god's property 159 Dancing toward redemption 165 Conquering the fear of a fat body: the journey toward myself 176 Breaking the model 188 Body image: third wave feminism's issue? 196 All-american girls: jock chic, body image and sports 201 Marked for life: tattoos and the redefinition of self 211 At home in my body: an Asian-American athlete searches for self 219 Inner visions 225 Sizing myself up: tales of a plus-size model 232 Not of reality 241 Size queen: a gay guy on girth 242 To live and diet in l.a.: a vegan tour of lipo-land 250 Veiled intentions: don't judge a muslim girl by her covering 258 Parisian peel 266 Shrink rap: what I learned as an eating disorders therapist 279 Cro-magnon karma: one dude and his body image issues 287 The elephant and the ice cream: emotions, politics and food 299 Over the knife (or why I'll never be carnie wilson) 309 Padding it: why I don't need a plus-size maxi pad 318 Curriculum Body image mad libs: uncover your fairy tale 321 Write your own autobiography: changing the body story in your head 324 Quiz: how well do you know the media? 325 A guide to bodylovin' organizations 331 Bodylovin' bookshelf 337 About the contributors 353

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