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Contemplation by Francis Nemeck, Marie Theresa Coombs (Joint Author)

Marie Theresa Coombs lives as a canonically recognized hermit at Lebh Shomea, a contemplative-eremitical house of prayer in the desert region of south Texas. She earned a Ph.D. in Theological Studies from Graduate Theological Foundation, South Bend, Indiana. Besides co-authoring several books on prayer and spirituality, she is a frequented spiritual director.Fr. Francis Kelly Nemeck, O.M.I., has taught theology in the United States and Canada, besides having missionary and pastoral experience in Texas and Mexico. He earned a doctorate in spirituality from Les Facultés Catholiques de Lyon in France. Since 1974 he has served as director of Lebh Shomea, has authored and coauthored several books, and is a spiritual director.

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