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Basic Concepts in Kabbalah by Rav Michael Laitman

1 Introduction 2 The Method of Perception in Kabbalah 3 The Purpose of Kabbalah 4 The Giving of Kabbalah 5 Perfection and the World 6 Freedom of Will 7 The Essence and the Purpose of Kabbalah 8 From the Afterword to the Zohar 9 The Language of Kabbalah 10 From the Preface to the Zohar 11 From the Introduction to the Zohar 12 From the Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot 13 Conditions for Disclosing the Secrets of the Wisdom of Kabbalah 14 Key Concepts 15 Frequently Asked Questions 16 Further Reading 17 About Bnei Baruch 18 How to Contact Bnei Baruch

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