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Work Less, Do More: The 14-Day Productivity Makeover by Jan Yager

Introduction How to Use This Book     2 How I Researched and Wrote This Book     2 Getting Started     4 How Are You Currently Handling Your Time?     5 How to Accomplish More in Less Time     6 Effective Time Management: Understanding the Benefits     7 What Are the Consequences of Poor Time Management?     8 Poor Time Management Increases Your Stress Level     9 Your Time Management Starting Point     9 How Will You Measure Your Progress?     11 Assessing Your Current Time Management Behavior: Keeping a Time Log     13 Goal Setting     21 Goal Setting Basics: Why Set Goals?     22 Deciding on Long-Term Goals     23 Deciding on Short-Term Goals     24 Setting Time Management Goals     26 Dealing with the Five P's: Procrastination, Perfectionism, Poor Planning, Pacing, and Petulance     30 Procrastination     31 Perfectionism     32 Poor Planning     32 Poor Pacing     34 Petulance: Attitude Counts     36 Other Blocks to Accomplishing Your Goals     38 The Big Picture     42 Prioritizing: Using theACTION! System for Optimum Productivity     44 Prioritizing Principles: What Should I Be Doing?     45 Tools for Prioritizing: How a To-Do List Can Help     48 Improving Motivation     50 Using the ACTION! System     51 WOO: Window of Opportunity     52 RRA: Respond Right Away     53 Applying the ACTION! System to Your Particular Workday     55 Multitasking So It Works     65 When Does Multitasking Work and When Does it Sabotage You?     66 Beyond Multitasking     66 When Multitasking Reflects Flexibility     67 Learning to Say No     69 Coping with Work-Related Stress     72 Getting Organized     74 How to Combat Disorder     76 Organizing Your Office     78 Organizing Your House or Apartment     80 Simplifying and Mastering Paperwork     84 An Ounce of Prevention: Getting a Grip before You're Drowning in a Sea of Paper     85 The Importance of a Filing System     86 Leaner Files in Less Time     87 Simple File Systems     88 Filing in Plain Sight     88 Overcoming Obstacles to Learner Files      89 Help for the Chronically Disorganized     91 Taking Steps to Make Yours a Paperless Office     91 Developing and Maintaining an Up-to-Date Database of Key Contacts     92 More Effective Ways to Use the Phone and Other Equipment     95 Reasons for Telephone Abuse     96 Phone Log Review     97 Using Your Phone(s) More Efficiently     98 Phone Equipment Checkup     101 Developing More Effective Telephone Skills     101 Tips for Avoiding Telephone Tag     103 Take a Technology and Equipment Inventory     104 Understanding and Dealing with Technostress     108 E-Mail and Communicating Electronically     113 Coping with Ever-Expanding E-mail Demands     114 Internet Addiction: Who's In Control?     116 Using the Telephone versus Sending E-mail     118 Handling Change and Interruptions     122 How Adaptable Are You?     123 6 Ways to Cope Better with Change     128 Why Interruptions and Distractionitis Are the Leading Causes of Inefficiency Today     129 Improving Your Concentration     132 How to Perk Up Your Memory     134 Keys to Faster Reading      135 Winning Deadline Strategies     137 The Value of Deadlines     138 How Do You Create Realistic Deadlines?     138 Tips for Meeting Your Deadlines, Every Time     141 Dealing with Lateness     142 OTD (Out the Door)     142 Delegating with Success     146 What Does Delegating Mean to You?     147 Learning What, When, and How to Delegate     147 Dealing with a Boss Who Lacks Time Management Skills     150 If Your Subordinate Needs Help with Time Management     153 Making the Most of Meetings     155 How to Conduct a More Effective Meeting     156 Getting More Out of the Meetings You Attend     157 Dealing More Effectively with Drop-in Visitors     158 Making the Time to Meet     159 Improving Your Workplace Relationships     160 Tips for Networking Effectively     162 Balancing Your Life and Making Time for Relationships     166 How Balanced is Your Life?     167 The Dangers of Being a Workaholic     167 If You Work for a Workaholic     168 Adding an Hour to Each Day     170 Why Balance Saves You Time As It Improves Your Productivity and Your Relationships      172 Getting More "Me," "We," and "Us" Time     173 Vacation Time     179 Making the Most of Your Commuting and Travel Time     181 Daily Time Log: Day 14     183 Conclusion: Assessing Your Progress and Looking Ahead     186 Taking Stock     187 Putting Found Time to Work for You     187 Your Time Management Horizon     187 Doing Business Internationally: Time Management Concerns to Keep in Mind     190 Passing the Torch: Teaching Time Management Skills to Your Children     191 Getting More Out of Each Experience     193 21 Top Time Management Ideas     194 List of Works Cited     197 Resources     199 Appendix of Blank Time Logs and Worksheets     200 Acknowledgments     211 About the Author/ How to Reach Dr. Jan Yager     212 Index     213

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