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Thriving in the Workplace All-in-One For Dummies by Consumer Dummies

Introduction. Book I: Key Business Skills to Enhance Your Chance of Success. Chapter 1: Recognizing the Hallmarks of Success. Chapter 2: Gearing Yourself Up to Get Results. Chapter 3: Goal Setting Made Easy. Chapter 4: Being an Integral Part of a Team. Chapter 5: Negotiating to Get What You Need and Deserve. Book II: Getting Organized and Managing Your Time: Smart Ways to Preempt Problems. Chapter 1: Peas in a Pod: Organization and Time Management. Chapter 2: Focusing Your Efforts, Prioritizing Tasks, and Blocking Your Time. Chapter 3: Setting Up and Maintaining a Productive Workspace. Chapter 4: Defending Your Day from Interruptions. Chapter 5: Overcoming Procrastination. Chapter 6: Putting an End to the Perils of Paperwork and Data. Chapter 7: Fine-Tuning Organization Skills with Technology. Book III: Taking Charge of What You Can. Chapter 1: Managing Yourself: Taking Care of No. 1. Chapter 2: Managing Meetings. Chapter 3: The Fine Art of Delegating. Book IV: Get to the @#% Point! Communicating Effectively. Chapter 1: Telling It Like It Is: The Fundamentals of Communication. Chapter 2: Listening Actively. Chapter 3: Speaking Assertively. Chapter 4: You've Got Mail: Communicating Electronically. Chapter 5: Taking Advantage of the Spotlight: Giving Effective Presentations. Book V: Can't We All Just Get Along? Navigating Tricky Workplace Relationships and Situations. Chapter 1: Understanding Office Politics. Chapter 2: Preventing Problems with Business Etiquette. Chapter 3: Staying Cool When Conflicts Arise. Chapter 4: Dealing with Difficult Bosses and Co-Workers. Chapter 5: Handling Confl ict Constructively. Chapter 6: Serving Your Customers and Hurdling Challenges. Chapter 7: Managing Ethical Dilemmas at Work. Chapter 8: When Worlds Collide: Managing Change on the Job. Book VI: Managing Stress in Stressful Times. Chapter 1: De-Stress at Work (And Still Keep Your Job). Chapter 2: Letting Go of Tension. Chapter 3: Quieting Your Mind. Chapter 4: The Secrets of Stress-Resistant Thinking. Book VII: Going Further to Get Ahead: Certifications and Courses to Enhance Your Value. Chapter 1: Discovering What's Available Online. Chapter 2: Debunking Myths about Online Education. Chapter 3: Using ePortfolio to Track and Tout Your Accomplishments. Index.

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