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The Power of Positive Choices: Adding and Subtracting Your Way to a Great Life by Gail McMeekin

Contents Preface           Foreword by Barbara Sher           Introduction           Part I The Power of Positive           1 P Is for Priorities           2 O Is for Opportunities           3 S Is for Subtraction           4 I Is for Insight           5 T Is for Timing           6 I Is for Invitation           7 V Is for Visualization           8 E Is for Empowerment           Part II The Power of Choices           9 C Is for Centering           10 H Is for Honoring           11 O Is for Owning           12 I Is for Inventing           13 C Is for Committing           14 E Is for Empathizing           15 S Is for Synthesizing           Acknowledgments           Bibliography           About the Author          

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