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The Mindfulness Revolution: Leading Psychologists, Scientists, Artists, and Meditatiion Teachers on the Power of Mindfulness in Daily Life by Barry Boyce (Editor), Jon Kabat-Zinn (Contribution by), Da

Acknowledgments ix Introduction: Anyone Can Do It, and It Changes Everything xi Part 1 How to Practice Mindfulness What Is Mindfulness? Jan Chozen Bays 3 A Receptive, Respectful Awareness Jack Kornfield 7 Is Mindfulness for You? Susan Smalley Diana Winston 11 Here, Now, Aware Joseph Goldstein 21 Mindfulness Meditation Instructions Bob Stahl Elisha Goldstein 28 Mindfulness FAQ Jeff Brantley 38 Mindfulness and Awareness Chögyam Trungpa 46 Mindfulness for Everyone Norman Fischer 49 Why Mindfulness Matters Jon Kabat-Zinn 57 Part 2 Mindfulness in Daily Life Mindfulness Makes Us Happy Thich Nhat Hanh 65 Do Dishes, Rake Leaves Karen Maezen Miller 68 Wild Raspberries Bob Howard 73 Let Your Passion Cook Edward Espe Brown 79 Digital Mindfulness Steve Silberman 84 Your Mind and Your Money Kristi Nelson 91 At Work, Be a Don't-Know-It-All Michael Carroll 97 Mindfulness, Photography, and Living an Artistic Life Andy Karr Michael Wood 101 Making Music Madeline Bruser 106 Senior Moment, Wonderful Moment Sue Moon 113 Part 3 Mindfulness, Health, and Healing Paying Attention to Our Own Mind and Body Ellen Langer 119 This Is Your Brain on Mindfulness Matthieu Ricard 127 The Proven Benefits of Mindfulness Daniel Siegel 136 Living Well With Chronic Pain Vidyamala Burch 140 Sickness Is Like the Weather Toni Bernhard 149 Healing Trauma Claude Anshin Thomas 153 Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery Lawrence Peltz 159 Mindfully Shy Steve Flowers 166 Mindful Eating Jan Chozen Bays 177 Caring for the Wounded Places Saki F. Santorelli 185 Part 4 Interpersonal Mindfulness The Great Mirror of Relationship Dzogchen Ponlop 193 The Natural Warmth of the Heart Pema Chödrön 196 From Me to Us Ronald D. Siegel 202 Are You Listening? David Rome Hope Martin 211 Stop, Go, Wait Susan Chapman 219 Parenting with Mindful Awareness Myla Jon Kabat-Zinn 227 Mindfulness for Children Susan Kaiser Greenland 236 A Mindful Consumer Can Help Change the World Daniel Goleman 242 Taking Responsibility for the World's Well-Being The Fourteenth Dalai Lama 248 Creating a Mindful Society Barry Boyce 252 Resources 265 Contributors 271 Credits 280 Mindful.org 285 About the Shambhala Sun 286

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