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The Joy of Parenting: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Effective Parenting in the Early Years by Lisa Coyne, Amy Murrell, Kelly G. Wilson (Foreword by)

Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychology and director of the Early Childhood Research Clinic (ECRC) at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. She has adapted and used acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for families of young children struggling with emotional and behavioral problems, and applies her research to clinical work with young children living in poverty. Amy R. Murrell, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychology at the University of North Texas. She has been actively developing and conducting ACT programs for children and parents since 2000 and is a recognized leader in the field. Kelly G. Wilson, PhD, is associate professor of psychology at the University of Mississippi. He is a central figure in ACT, and was one of the authors of the landmark Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Wilson is among the most sought-after ACT trainers. His popular experiential workshops touch thousands of clinicians and students each year. Find out more at www.onelifellc.com.

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