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The Good Mood: The New Psychology of Overcoming Depression by Julian L. Simon, Kenneth Colby (Foreword by), Albert Ellis (Foreword by)

Foreword Foreword Acknowledgments 1 The Nature of the Trouble and the Forms of Help 11 2 What is Depression? How Does It Feel to Be Depressed? 29 3 Negative Self-Comparisons, Combined with a Helpless Feeling, Are the Proximate Cause of Depression 43 4 The Mechanisms That Make a Depressive 59 5 The Hand of the Past in Depression 73 6 The Collapse and Creation of Values 81 7 And the Finger of the Day 87 8 What Are Your Dimensions? 93 9 The Rewards of Depression 97 10 Introducing Self-Comparisons Cognitive Therapy 105 11 Planning and Executing a Strategy Against Your Depression 125 12 Improving Your Numerator 135 13 Sweetening Your Denominator 149 14 Changing Your Dimensions 165 15 The Sound of a Numerator Clapping 179 16 Religious Conversion Can Cure Depression 201 17 Ways to Stop Feeling Helpless and Hopeless 209 18 Values Therapy: A New Systematic Approach for Tough Cases 217 19 Values Therapy and Religious Despair 233 20 Summing Up 241 Epilogue: My Misery, My Cure, My Joy 245 Appendix A: Background Information for Researchers and Practitioners 263 Appendix B: Relationship of Self-Comparisons Analysis to Other Theory 273 Appendix C: Schematic Diagram of the Causes of Depression 283 Appendix D: Tests of the Efficacy of Therapy 286 Appendix E: Reply to Julian Simon's Criticisms of Rational-Emotive Therapy 289 References 291 Notes 299 Index 309

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