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Getting Real: 10 Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life by Susan Campbell, Brad Blanton (Foreword by)

Acknowledgments ix Foreword xi Introduction xiii 1 How to Stop Being Right and Start Being Real 1 2 Experiencing What Is: To Get Where You Need to Go, Be Where You Are 15 3 Being Transparent: Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Hide 37 4 Noticing Your Intent: Is It to Relate or to Control? 67 5 Welcoming Feedback: It's How We Learn 89 6 Asserting What You Want and Don't Want: Supporting Your Feelings with Action 105 7 Taking Back Projections: Discovering Your Other Side 123 8 Revising an Earlier Statement: It's Okay to Go Out and Come In Again 139 9 Holding Differences: Seeing Other Viewpoints Without Losing Your Own 151 10 Sharing Mixed Emotions: You're Not Crazy, You're Complex 169 11 Embracing the Silence of Not Knowing: Entering the Fertile Void 179 12 Serenity, Presence, and Compassion 199 Appendix A Resource Guide 211 Appendix B Communication Guidelines for Getting Real 215 Appendix C Description and Ordering Information for Card Games 219 Index 225 About the Author 231

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