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Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity by Robert L. Moore, Max J. Havlick (Editor)

Preface Acknowledgments 1 The Lucifer Complex and the Enemy Within: Psychological Reflection on Human Evil 1 2 The Archetype of Spiritual Warfare 15 3 Regulating Dragon Energies: The Challenge of Conscious Ritualization 45 4 Modern Secularism Fuels Pathological Narcissism 61 5 Discerning and Facing Your Own Grandiosity 79 6 Decoding the Diamond Body: Archetypal Structures Provide a Framework for Analysis 107 7 The Combat Myth and the Archetypal Enemy 123 8 How Modern Spiritual Narcissism Leads to Destructive Tribalism 143 9 The Psychological Sources of Religious Conflict 165 10 Resources for Facing the Dragon 181 11 Dragon Laws: Insights for Confronting Grandiosity 199 12 Beyond the Lucifer Complex: Befriending the Dragon 219 App.: Diagrams 227 Bibliography 235 Index 245 About the Author 249

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