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Bipolar and Pregnant: How to Manage and Succeed in Planning and Parenting While Living with a Mental Disorder by Kristin K. Finn, Jay Carter, PsyD, DABPS DABPS, Jay (Contribution by), Judith Hiemenga,

Kristin K. Finn (Grand Rapids, MI) was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just three months before her seventeenth birthday. Ms. Finn has over twenty years of career experience with major U.S. corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, and currently manages a successful business career as an investment advisor. She enjoys a happy marriage and has two daughters, one who also has bipolar disorder. Finn has been interviewed by the New York Times and lectures extensively on bipolar disorder and parenting. Dr. Carter is a licensed psychologist, best-selling author and a professional speaker. His expertise positively reinforces the book's contents and includes: the coming and going of the executive functions in the course of the bipolar process the importance of sleep and routine to avoid bipolar episodes relevant personal experience growing up with an untreated bipolar mother Dr. Hiemenga provides information on: medical aspects of pregnancy preparing for pregnancy optimizing the chances of getting pregnant minimizing the risks of psychiatric flare-ups adult and child psychiatrist with twenty years of clinical experience. Dr. Eerdmans focuses on post-pregnancy issues. Dr. Toriello is a Medical Geneticist and Direflector of Spectrum Health Genetics. She discusses genetic information relating to bipolar disorder, including current research on medications used to treat bipolar disorder and their affect on developing babies. Fred Finn, the author's husband of seventeen years, shares his perspective, coping skills, and adaptation to living with a spouse while she was off medication for bipolar disorder. provides reflections from the perspective of a former labor and delivery nurse, March of Dimes health educator, Michigan Genetics Advisory Board member, prenatal class instructor and, most importantly, as the author's mother.

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