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100 Questions & Answers About Your Child's Depression Or Bipolar Disorder by Linda Chokroverty

Foreword vii Introduction ix Patient Biography xi Part 1 Background/The Basics 1 Questions 1-13 describe the basics of depression and bipolar disorder in children, including: What types of emotional problems afflict children? Do we need to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated and treated for our child's emotional problem? What qualifications does a psychiatrist have to treat children? What is a mood disorder? What factors predispose a child to a mood disorder? Part 2 Risk/Prevention/Epidemiology 25 Questions 14-21 review common causes and reasons behind the emotional disorders, such as: How early in childhood is bipolar disorder diagnosed? Does depression run in families? What about bipolar disorder? What is the prognosis for a child who is diagnosed with a mood disorder? Part 3 Diagnosis 35 Questions 22-44 discuss how depression and bipolar disorder are diagnosed in children: What are the symptoms of depression in a child or adolescent? What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder in children? What other problems could be associated with a mood disorder? How do you manage aggression? Part 4 Treatment 77 Questions 45-87 review treatment options available for children suffering from depression or bipolar disorder: What are the usual treatments available for childhood mood disorders? What medications are used to treat childhood depression and bipolar disorder? How do psychiatric medications affect my child's growth and development? I don't believe in traditional medicines. Are there alternative treatments that I can give my depressed child? Part 5 Surviving 153 Questions 88-100 offer guidance and helpful suggestions on managingand dealing with your child's depression and bipolar disorder: What should we tell teachers about our son's medications? We recently discovered that our daughter has been hiding her medications instead of taking them for the last 2 months. What can we do? My wife and I disagree about the treatment for our daughter's bipolar illness. Is this a problem? Glossary 185 Index 191

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